Discovering Your Brand Aesthetic 

To create a brand that truly represents the personality of your business, the experience and feelings clients and/or customers will have about your business, and the vision you have for your business, we first need to understand the visual aesthetic — in other words, the desired look and feel. 

This understanding will establish a visual direction that will guide the development of the brand color palette, the selection of the brand typography, the design of the brand logo, and the design of supporting brand assets like business cards, marketing materials, slide decks, email templates, and even your website. 

Skip The Work And Take A Quiz 

Many people find it difficult to put their vision into words and clearly communicate what type of look and feel they want for their brand. 

Others don’t know what they want but they know what they like and what their audience resonates with / gravitates toward. 

Communication can also be challenging because words mean different things to different people. For example, vintage might mean “old/country” to one person and “old Hollywood” to another. 

That’s why we’re defining your brand look and feel with a simple quiz instead of words. 

This quiz isn’t a typical quiz — you’re not going to answer questions, tally up your answers, and get a result. Instead, it’s a visual, multiple-choice quiz designed to not only get your creative juices flowing but to get you thinking about your brand in a whole new, hopefully, fun way. 

Each page of the quiz asks you a basic question at the top — a question that associates your brand vibe with a common item. 

Read the question, review the visual examples on the page, and select the one (maybe two) that fits your brand vision the best. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just close to what you would envision representing your brand and business. 

For even better results, consider your choices from the viewpoint of your clients/customers — what would they “click” with and connect with the most? 

When you’re finished… Simply send the completed quiz back so we can review your answers, gain greater insights into the design style that best fits your brand, and begin to shape your unique visual brand design. 

Now, get started and have fun!