Down Home Music Store

Client: Down Home Music Store
Project Brief:

Build a webstore that’s clean and easy to navigate, lets users search by genres and categories, showcases new and exciting releases, and is easy for the (very) non-technical staff to update, manage, and track inventory.

Down Home Music is the Little Record Store That Could! It’s got one of the best selections anywhere of Roots music from all over the world, but they needed to be able to sell to their fans outside of the area who aren’t able to make it into the shop in Northern California. A Woocommerce shop selling LPs, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and hats keeps the Down Home music community supplied with their favorite music and apparel. The shop is a magnet for international music lovers who find rare musical gems for their collections. The site features a great Instagram feed of event photos and posters, and the News feed keeps customers updated on regular shop events.