WordPress website design and development services

Get just what you need: New website • Site Facelift • Support • Troubleshooting

Full-Service Website Design/Build

Your website is one of the most important ways to reach your goals: show clients who you are, showcase your talents, develop your donors and volunteers.

We will sit down and map out your site based on your needs, your audience/users, your budget, timetable, and your existing content. We will discuss the options you need: e-commerce, video or photo galleries, information architecture, client logins, blogs, membership directories, e-learning ideas, booking or calendars, subscription content, and so on.

We will talk about what content you want to regularly update yourself and how to accomplish that. Your site will be build on a robust platform and, of course, all sites will look great on small screens and mobile devices. Contact me to talk more about the process.

WordPress FaceLift

Do you have a WordPress site that is five, six, maybe seven years old? Though that site may be a perfectly fine, well-functioning website, it could be hurting your business or organization without you even realizing it. A site that does not conform to Google’s specifications for  mobile readiness and security will appear lower in search engine rankings. People looking for you on the web may never find you! In most cases, a change of theme will fix many of these issues and improve your SEO ranking.

Contact me to find out how we can give your site a facelift that will not only revive the look and feel of your site, but will update its responsiveness and modernize the functionality. It’s probably less expensive and far less painful than you might think!

Ongoing Site Maintenance

You know in the back of your mind — between scrambling for grants or keeping track of customers — that you should be doing something about your website. But what? Update your plugins? Write a blog post? Check your analytics? A maintenance contract can take some of that load off your shoulders, but I can work with you to customize a plan to make your website content work harder for you and your goals. 

One-Week Basic Website

A quick, low-cost solution. You provide all the copy and other assets for up to six pages: (normally) Home, About/Bio, Portfolio/Discography, Contact, Services/What We Do, etc. I’ll do basic design/layout, image processing (re-sizing, cropping, color/lighting correction) for up to 40 images (for a slideshow or portfolio or gallery). Some extras (Events Calendar, Paypal buttons for donations/purchases, logo design, etc) may be negotiated. Some restrictions apply. If you have your content and domain/web hosting ready to go, this may be your best option.

Brochure Websites

Sometimes you don’t  need an extensive website – perhaps just a “calling card” so that potential clients or your audience knows how to find and contact you. Or just a sweet little something to tempt them to “like” your FaceBook page. There’s no reason to pay a fortune for a site full of fluff. With a few great photos, a mission statement or intro paragraph, a contact form, some links, and maybe some samples of what you have to offer, you’ve got yourself a knockout on-line brochure site. I’m happy to work with you to define your needs and build you a quick, inexpensive web presence. 

Site Care: Maintenance & Service Plans

Don't just "set it and forget it"!

If caring for your website has hit the bottom of your To-Do list one too many times, consider a maintenance plan to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep it up-to-date and secure.

It’s not true anymore that you can just set up a website and let it sit and take care of business. Standards and protocols – not to mention design trends – are continually changing. With WordPress sites, core upgrades occur with great (and reassuring) regularity. The WordPress Community is made up of brilliant, creative, generous and tireless souls, always working to make WordPress better and more secure for all of us — users, developers, designers, your customers!

No site is 100% safe from hackers or malware or viruses, but proper maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your site more secure. Regular backups ensure that if anything happens, your site can be back up in no time, with your content in working order. Yet, even basic maintenance seems to fall to the bottom of everyone’s Things-To-Do list. So, I offer these services for clients and others who might otherwise worry about keeping their site safe.  Choose your service tier, and start feeling better about your website – one less thing on your plate!

Basic Maintenance

What you need to stay up-to-date and secure
$ 100
  • Regular, scheduled backups of site files and database (stored off-site)
  • Regular updates of WordPress core, themes and plugins
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Malware scans
  • Discount for annual payment

Super Coverage

An extra layer of peace of mind
$ 150
  • Regular, scheduled backups of site files and database (stored off-site)
  • Regular updates to WordPress core files, themes and plugins
  • Regular Malware scans
  • 30 minutes per month of tweaks, consultation or tech support (Does not roll over)
  • 20% off regular rate of $100/hr for additional tweaks or content updates
  • Monthly reports
  • Discount for annual payment

The One-Shot Deal

A one-time update and scan
of your site
$ 120
  • A one-time update of your WP core files and database
  • Includes themes and plug-ins
  • Malware scan
  • One complete backup saved on your server
  • 10% off regular rate on other content updates
  • Recommendations for future site health

*all site maintenance plans require access to your WordPress dashboard and hosting account credentials.
** a paid site assessment may be necessary for older or more complex sites to determine site health before a plan can be set in place.

For hosting packages and other support plans, see our sister site Fearless Pixels.

Other "Webmaster" Services

On top of maintenance tasks, I can also take content updates or small fixes off your plate, either on an hourly or monthly retainer basis. Contact me to create a customized plan for streamlining your website health.