Jonathan Dimmock

Johnathan Dimmock is an internationally-recognised organist, playing in cathedrals around the world, and with major orchestras in the SF Bay Area. In addition to his concert performing, Jonathan acts as the Executive Director of The Resonance Project, and a certified Reiki practitioner. His website reflects his many interests and pursuits, while showcasing his work as a recitalist.

I’ve worked with Jonathan for more than a decade, creating several iterations of his site as his interests, tastes and experience broaden. He’s a touring concert organist, but also a reiki practitioner,  a choral director, a writer and photographer, a mindfulness coach, as well as an activist for music as a force for peace. This is his primary musician site, with a custom-built Gig Calendar, a blog with Facebook integration, and WooCommerce functionality for CD purchases and music downloads. I also built him a site for his coaching practice: