Shira Kammen

Client: Shira Kammen
Project Brief:

Ongoing site design and maintenance for a very hands-off client. As an old friend, Shira trusts that I understand her aesthetic and her disinterest in the technical side of things; I keep things running smoothly and occasionally, she updates her performance calendar.

Shira is one of those beloved Bay Area treasures, who has been making music of the antique kind for decades. She specializes in medieval and Renaissance strings, but also plays harps, melodion and other traditional instruments. Her site lets her fans keep abreast of her performances and activities as well as purchase CDs and sheet music. During the pandemic lockdown, Shira has created Noony Tunes to help her community of musicians connect over shared tunes played simultaneously.

As a side project, Shira has also created “Playing with Phantoms,” with music-minus-one style packages of MP3s for English Country Dance musicians.